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  1. ligabo005 ha detto:

    Ну, а песня Toto Cutugno L’italiano подарила нашим людям фразу Lasciatemi cantare Дайте мне петь .Некоторые мои знакомые узнали из песни Адриано Челентано Confessa , что повторяющееся в припеве слово perche9 значит почему .

  2. ligabo005 ha detto:

    You are so kidding me… :))) sisrouely, hats down! this is sooo beautiful :)) you know, each time I take a look at your blog I think that you have done the best piece ever, but then is another and another one, how do you do this? :)) how many “the best” pieces of Art you still have in your pocket? you pull them out like a magician pulls out white rabbits from the hat :)) Congratulations, you are a Master :). It’s been a while since I learned Russian at school, but have you sew them together by hand? That’s so impressive 🙂

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